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Broccoli with Sun-dried Tomatoes

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Broccoli with Sun-dried Tomatoes
By DMC Chef 

Yield: 12 ¾-cup portions
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cook Time: 15 min.
Calories: 100 per serving



2  3/8 lb.  Fresh Broccoli
1 1/8 oz.  Sun-dried Tomatoes
1 1/8 tbs.  Frsh Garlic, Peeled & Chopped
1 1/8 tbs.  Zested Fresh Lemon Peel
1 1/8 tbs.  Olive Oil
1/3 cup  Vegetable Broth


1. Steam broccoli just until bright greena dn tender – do not overcook. Cool immediately and set aside. Heat Olive oil in a sauté pan, add garlic and sauté until tender but not browned. Thinly slice Sun-dried tomatoes, and add tomatoes and vegetable stock to sauté pan. Simmer 1 minute. Remove from heat, add chilled broccoli and toss. Arrange broccoli on platter and top with lemon peel zest. Serve cool.













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