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Ask Craig (fitness)

Craig DeLeon leads DMC's efforts in employee fitness. Got a fitness question? Craig can help - just click the "Ask Craig" link on this page and submit your question. Watch for updates as we bring his responses back to this page.

Please note: ASK CRAIG questions are delivered to Craig by the DMC Marketing department. Questions submitted here may be published in DMC newsletters and on this web page, using your first name only. If you prefer that your question be anonymous, or not be published, you must request that in your submission.



Which is better exercise for losing weight: One hour of water aerobics or 30 minutes on a stationary bike? My heart rate is higher on the bike and I know my quads get more of a workout. The water aerobics helps my flexibility. I am 60 years old and have quite a bit of arthritis. -- Deborah



Both water aerobics and the stationary bike are great forms of cardiovascular exercise. Biking is a great for training the lower body while minimizing impact on your joints such as your hips and knees. Water aerobics on the other hand provide a great form of total body exercise, that is you are using your arms, legs, core, and just about everything in between. The added benefit of water aerobics is that while you are getting a great cardiovascular workout, you also are doing resistance training, which works great to keep our bones strong.


Losing weight is all about the balance of calories in and calories out. The more energy that we expend, the more calories we will burn. Depending on the intensity of the water aerobics you may be burning the same amount of calories that you do while biking for 30 minutes. The water aerobics are much gentler on your joints and the water can be therapeutic, in addition to getting resistance training in. If you are short on time I suggest the bike as you can drive your heart rate up quicker, but if time is not the issue, the overall benefits of water aerobics are much better not only for weight loss/maintenance, but also for overall wellness.
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