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Healthy Dining Options

Diet and Nutrition are key components to your good health. DMC is working to provide healthful options in our dining facilities, so that employees and guests alike can make informed choices that help point them in the direction of Health for Life.


DMC is serving up new and healthy options in nutrition for employees, patients and their families and friends. It's all part of a system-wide movement that started last year with employee walking paths, fitness challenges, and choices like veggie burgers at Brush Mall BBQ Fridays. Now DMC cafeterias are stepping up to your plate with some new menu choices.


DMC and its food vendor, Morrison Healthcare Food Services, have launched the Whole + (plus) Sum Menu. This specialized menu will be available three times daily at Sinai-Grace, Harper/Hutzel, Huron Valley-Sinai and
Detroit Receiving Hospitals, and for breakfast at Children's Hospital.


Whole + Sum, is a calorie and portion controlled menu. Cafeteria diners will be able to choose several tasty and appetizing food items and have the meal add up to a balanced 600 calories or less.


In addition to the fruits, salads and vegetables already available, the Whole + Sum menu and other food selections will offer a range of global flavors including Mediterranean, American, Latin American and Asian.


The Whole + Sum menu items will be priced to compete with other, less balanced food options, to help you make a decision that is good for your body and your wallet.


DMC is also adding more healthful options to the various food vending machines across the system, so you can grab a bite that’s good for you, even if you’re in a hurry.

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